No. Not even close. Most projects exist to take advantage of others and to profit: which is the antithesis of crypto’s ethos.

Punked is for real crypto people, from a real crypto artist.

Punked uses crypto the way it was intended: as a shield and as a weapon against greed and corruption.


Ok. The collection does contain 10,000 PFPs.


Every PFP contains a unique, impermeable, factual record of corporate corruption and crime within the metadata. Because the information is stored in an NFT, the information is protected, but also in a format that will actually be shared and be seen.

The community aspect of NFT’s/crypto art also has the potential to cultivate an environment where like minded people may begin to aggregate and organize.

The information is valuable. People should be aware of the nature of the type of people who are running this world. We need to be reminded of it often enough until we actually do something about it. This project packages that information, in a way that is communal, and makes it easy to share it with others. However, the information on all these crimes is scattered, censored, or never discussed or covered in the news. This project puts all of the crimes together in one repository, front and center for people to read and share. Because the information is stored in each NFT’s metadata, it will last for the foreseeable future without any chance of deletion, censorship, or manipulation. So yes, there is a real purpose (use case) and a real benefit (value)  for these NFT’s to exist specifically as crypto art. The crypto aspect protects the information, and the art aspect brings it together and puts it in front of people’s eyes.  

This project is wholly focused on value. Not really concerned with price. Price is a monetary measure. It is easily manipulated, and often has almost no correlation with value. Value is the worth or benefit something has. Value cannot be manipulated, nor can it be faked. The price to mint is only the cost of gas. But only people who are about crypto art, and the ethos of crypto, can mint. 

I’ve been making crypto art for 4 years. The art I make has always been a clear extension of my voice, and it has often centered around financial corruption. My voice is often outspoken, but it has never changed or catered to what the market is doing or what other people expect or want. My life has always been greatly impacted by financial inequity, and although it has been the inspiration behind a great deal of my art, money has never been the goal or the motivation for me. Most of my pieces my first two years on SuperRare were sold for $20 or less. My goal with this project is to fight back. To make a crypto art project that has real value. That people will actually be proud to hold whether there are buyers or not. Something that speaks about who they are and what they believe in.

Each NFT has a link to the original source of the information, which is usually a release from a government agency, court, or prosecutor. The link would be in the upper right if you are looking at the individual NFT on OpenSea, and the link will be in the spot where it says “See on Punked” except it wont take you to the project website, but rather, to the original source of information. 

Minting is open and is 0.0025 per punked to mint.